Episode 27

Kaio-Cinema: Resurrection F

Adkins and Adam break down Resurrection F and discuss Toriyama's impact on their lives and the world.

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Toriyama Tribute Collection

"F" by Maximum Hormone (Frieza's Theme song in this movie)

Lyrics to "F" (scroll down to see the English)

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Mike Adkins

Youth pastor, avid reader, social gamer, lover of anti-heroes, and undeniable nerd. Would totally choose the dark side. @El_Schmadkins on Twitter.
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Adam Sims

Co-Founder of Back Patio Network and co-host of All Might-Y Podcast, Kaio Cinema, Comic Book Cabinet, Rocks and Runelords, New Path, and Called Shot Podcasts. As a serial hobbyist, every six months, I find myself knee-deep in a new interest! IT guy and video game lover. Currently playing (and occasionally streaming) Kingdom Hearts and Mass Effect. Trying to catch up on the last few Green Lanter story arcs. Find me on Twitter @therealsimso, and tell me who your favorite superhero is!